The vendor of Seraphin Wireless Monitoring software

We are the vendor of Seraphin Wireless Asset Monitoring software.
To find out more about our product visit Seraphin Wireless Asset Monioring website.

About us

We are a group of software development professionals based around Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland who work on contract basis for clients in banking, energy, and government sectors.

We often get together to pool our time and resources on amazing innovative projects - it is yet another way for us to always stay at the edge of the latest software development technologies and best practices.

If you have an unique idea that you are very passionate about, if you know your industry and can demonstrate there is a void that you know how to fill, even if there is a lot of risk invovled - feel free to share it with us, perhaps we can help you to take that first step.

We are technology polyglots but we do have our favourites such as Spring Boot, Python, React, Angular, Serverless, and AWS if these ring any bells 😊.

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