Mobile app that gets you closer to your customers

Complete and customisable mobile app solution for the car insurace industry


A new customer just bought your policy online.
Let them know you have an app available for immediate download.

Welcome to your new car insurance company!

You can download our free moblie app here.
It makes it easier than ever to contact us or report an accident.


Ease of Contact

Your customer always has your number and can conveniently call your staff for any queries.

Step by Step Accident Reporting

Less stress and more clarity when reporting and accident. Guide your customer through the process of taking photos and collecting any relevant information.

Social Media Engagement

Easy access to your comapny's social media sites right from the home screen of the app.


Stand Out from the Crowd

Give your company the edge in convenience and customer service.

Closer to Your Customer

Your staff, online portal, and social media are always available and all in one place - in your customer's pocket.

Detailed and Complete Accident Information

Advise your customers to report any incidents through the app and use the detailed information to improve your pricing and claim processing.

Amygdala Components

Amygala consists of three components wich may be deployed in a cost effective and flexible way.

Mobile Application

Completely customised moblie app, assembled, deployed and ready for customer use within hours.

Web Service

Reliable inegration point for storing and querying your customer data.


Secure and convenient dashboard for your staff, giving you insight into your customers' data.

Pricing Plans

Pricing options are very flexible. You can request


  • Purchase the sources and have the freedom to take the development in any directions you like.


£1999 setup fee then
£499 per month
  • Let us do the heavylifting and have the complete solution in production within days.


  • Choose componenets you want to look after yourself and let us manage the rest!

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